You know how I didn’t know when I’d found the one, or the dress?
Well. It happened. You just know. You put it on and you forget that 3 seconds ago you were wishing your arms weren’t as big as they are, and that your stomach sometimes sticks out a bit, and that your ass isn’t as perfectly rounded as you wish it was. You just feel beautiful. Like a flawless bride about to commit her life to the person of her dreams.
And of course you cry and so does everyone with you at the bridal salon.
And then you don’t want to take it off, and you can’t stop looking at photos of it, and you play your first dance song and imagine yourself being twirled around the dance floor by your new wife.

You’ll just know they said. And they were so right.

23rd September, Tuesday (1:27pm) Reblog +

holy I’ve been so busy this month!
moving and unpacking and settling in to our new home.
long roadtrips to our wedding venue to measure the yard and the barn.
parents meet the future parents-in-law dinners.
and so many to do lists I can’t keep track of them all.

This weekend we order our save the dates! And in just 2 short months we send them out!

Also our wedding website is looking way too adorable.

19th September, Friday (11:32am) Reblog +


Holy shit

The was wild from start to finish.


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- Tupac Shakur

I fall more and more in love with you every single day. 
See you at the alter in 345 days.

Niagra Falls, 1950s